Aerofit AF-506 treadmill Review 2022 by My Techie Talk

Aerofit AF-506 treadmill

Aerofit AF-506 treadmill Review

Key Specifications –

  • Dimensions- 213.36 x 152.4 x 121.92 cm
  • Product weight- 80Kg
  • Running belt- 50” x 60”
  • Motor- 2.0HP (Peak-4HP)
  • Speed range- 0.8Km/h-12Km/h
  • Maximum weight capacity- 100Kg
  • Incline/ Elevation- 3 level manual incline

Isn’t the fusion of tech and fitness seemed to amaze you? In the tech world, where we could get everything at home, why wonder anywhere else. But, how to get fitness in hands at home?? Is it even possible? Well, welcome to the 21st century, where you can get everything at your doorstep. And the best chance to get fit, healthy, and comfortable at the same time is treadmills.

No wonder why people love it. If you are on a serious hunt for a treadmill under 45-50k, your serious attention is needed towards the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill reviews.

Aerofit is one of the growing treadmill manufacturing firms with unique ideas and creations. The Aerofit AF-506 treadmill is one of the impressive successes of Aerofit manufacturers.

The 2.0 HP DC motorized treadmill with digital concepts PWM control and speed levels of 0.8Km/h to 12km/h is greatly eye-catching.

Moreover, the 3 levels of manual inclination, quick speed selection, 16mm pre phenolic waxed belt, shock absorption, and magnetic safety stop key might draw your attention.

The blue shiny LCD screen with single window display monitors Pulse, time, distance, speed, calories, and programs. Talking of programs, the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill embraces 10 programs, including 9 pre-sets and 1 manual program. Above that, now you can check your heart rate anytime with the heart rate sensor on the handrail of the treadmill. And to get you out of workout boredom, you’ve got an MP3 in-built speaker for musical entertainment. Not only that, you can watch your favorite show, news, or video during a full jamming workout session.

And last not the least, why lose focus on the long life of the treadmill. The frame of the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill is Heavy-gauge welded steel with textured proprietary two-coat electro statically powder process finish to ensure minimum corrosion and chip resistance. We think the smart treadmill with a foldable design and maximum weight capacity of 100kg may perfectly fit in your room and healthy lifestyle.

What we like


The highly efficient and powerful 2 HP DC motor with a peak of 4HP works on digital concepts PWM control and delivers power pack performance. The motor is designed to tolerate a high amount of thumping and is heavyweight.

Speed range and quick speed selection

Now you can choose you’re walking or running speed according to your mood. You can enjoy the moment of jogging to running altogether in three treadmills by quick speed selection. The speed levels of the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill vary from 0.8Km/h to 12Km/h.


Being one of the highly admired features in the treadmill, manual Incline is must-to- notice point. The treadmill embraces 3 level manual Incline features that save the user from routine workout boredom. It works as a spice in the food.

Running belt

The 16mm pre-waxed phenolic belt ensures an anti-skid surface for the user. Now you can comfortably run along the ideal treadmill of 50”x 16”.


The extra cushioning draws the attention of people with joint or knee pain. The four-deck suspension cushioning helps in shock absorption and saves knee or joint pain risks due to a heavy workout.

Safety key stop

Who could say no to security? The magnetic safety key stop works as an assurance of safety for the users. It minimizes the risks of injury while the workout of run on the treadmill.

LCD Screen

The single blue-black windows display monitors and Feedback: Pulse, time, distance, speed, calories, and programs.

Programs and modes

The 10 programs, 9 pre-sets, and 1 manual program are designed within the treadmill to make the workout fun and interesting. Moreover, you can set the time or mode manually according to yourself.

Heart rate technology

Now you have access to heart rate control with a handgrip pulse sensor.

Additional accessories

In additional accessories, the treadmill has an in-built speaker for MP3, iPod connections, and an accessory Holder like a Water bottle.

Frame and foldable design

The premium new look foldable design is heart-melting. Over that, the long-lasting frame is made of heavy-gauge welded steel with textured proprietary two coat electro statically powder process finish to ensure minimum corrosion and chip resistance

Maximum weight capacity

The impressive maximum weight capacity of the treadmill is up to 100kg.

What we don’t like

  • No cons so far

Final verdict

Thus, overall if points are given, the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill is an almighty option to choose. In a mid-budget, it is fully packed with multiple intensifying features. So, undoubtedly a one-go product that will long last for eternity with you.

If you want to maintain your health and budget simultaneously, then the Aerofit AF-506 treadmill is a good treadmill to lay your weight on.

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