Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill Review 2022 by My Techie Talk

Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill

Aerofit Steel Af 801 Treadmill Review

Key Specifications –

  • Motor- 2.5 HP (Peak – 5 HP)
  • Speed Range- 1Km/h – 16Km/h
  • Running belt- 54” x 18”
  • Programs- 16 pre-set programs
  • Displays functions- Heart rate, time, distance, speed, pulse rate, and calories burned.
  • Folding- Yes
  • Inclination- 3 levels manual incline

Aerofit has always been pushing more and more towards innovative and updated treadmills. In the series of hi-fi Aerofit treadmills, the Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill is one piece in itself. It is precisely built to give comfy, high-quality workout sessions at home.

The genuine Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill Reviews will help you to move out of the dilemma tow heather to buy the treadmill or not. Let’s check it out.

Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill Review

The highly-rated Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill is a black beauty embedded in solid and robust steel. The Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill is designed to withstand constant pounding, jarring, and heavyweights.

The 2.5 HP motor is protected by Pulse width modulation technology and air-cooled for efficient performance. The multi-ply running belt is a fusion-seamed for strength, flexibility, and smooth travel over the cosmic belt. The bright LED monitors the user’s running track and provides constant feedback of workout that includes time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and pulse rate. Moreover, the poly-V belt drive system delivers an interesting workout experience, plus you can watch a movie or read books while workout without being fully distracted.

Over that, the Case Hardened Steel Large Diameter Crown Rollers With A Wide-Radius Crown Drastically Decreases Wear & Tear, Substantially Increases Surface Contact And Provides Superior Belt Tracking.

If described in a line, the Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill is quite a treadmill of amusement with interesting features and updated technology.

What we like


The 2.5 HP motor with a peak of 5HP delivers thrilling performance, and the digital PWM controls control the motor. Plus, the motor is equipped with air-cooled technology for efficient performance.

Running belt

The running belt is fabricated with poly-V belt material, resulting in 54” x 18” dimensions. The anti-skid running belt gives a precisely perfect run or walk.


The bright led displays to let you monitor your running track and provide you with constant feedback on your workout, including heart rate, elevation, time, distance, speed, and calories burned.


The Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill is equipped with a manual incline up to 3 l3vel. You can intensify the workout levels up to tougher levels.


The treadmill has 16 pre-set workout programs that you can customize and work out accordingly.

Folding and frame material

You can fold and unfold the treadmill according to the usage. Moreover, the treadmill frame is made of Heavy-gauge welded steel with textured proprietary two-coat electro statically powder process finish to ensure minimum corrosion and chip resistance.


it is laced with the 6-point deck suspension/anti-shock with an extra cushioning system.

Safety key

The magnetic safety key ensures the safety of the users during the workout.


The treadmill is laced with Case Hardened Steel Large Diameter Crown Rollers that helps in the smooth transportation of the treadmill.

What we don’t like

  • No brief details are given about the treadmill.

Conclusion –

Aerofit Steel AF 801 Treadmill Review – If you look at the features, you’ll get to know about the fully-equipped features of the treadmill. The treadmill is a high-quality treadmill that will help you to make fit, healthy, and mind. Moreover, all the features are newly updated and highly specific.

Check out the treadmill on Amazon and decide whether it’s the one that can fulfill your needs or not.

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