BoAt aavante 1700D review 2022, Price, Features

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1700D 120W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar review

It’s the craze of boAt aavante soundbar everywhere. And in this series of boAt soundbars, today we’ve got you BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar.

Today in this article, we’ve listed the best features of BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar.

Check what’s on our list-

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  • Soundbar price.
  • BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar reviews.

So, let’s move in, towards our next step.

Stay tuned to know more about your favorite BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar. This soundbar takes place in the number two position as the best soundbar in India.

With its super qualities and excellent sound, this boAt soundbar is the top choice of music lovers.

Starting with the BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar features and specifications-

We have done the analysis and got the pinpoint information for you.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D Review

Design and look.

The first impression is the last. This boAt aavante 1700D soundbar has a bold look with sleek dimensions, which gives a whole premium look to this boAt soundbar.

With this breathtaking look, it’s a first-go product for music lovers, partyholics, and globetrotters.

120 watt RMS output sound

This soundbar provides a high-quality sound with a constant supply of 120watt RMS output. The output helps in delivering every note, high and lows precisely.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D Review

Included Subwoofer.

For a few people’s soundbars are not enough; therefore, a subwoofer is included with this BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar.

This aavante soundbar is more than enough, and this Subwoofer is like icing on the cake over this.

2.1 channel.

Get a 2.1 channel with 60W Subwoofer. The Subwoofer will boost the audio quality with these two channels in the soundbar.

Overall, a tip-top combination of soundbar and Subwoofer.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D

integrated control.

This BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar can be controlled with the help of a master remote. According to you, there are inbuilt buttons in the soundbar, which allow you to access and control the soundbar.

There are smart controls in the soundbar, which allows the change of channel and volume accordingly.

An easy way to access your device

Latest update Bluetooth version.

The boAt aavante 1700D soundbar can be connected wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth technology 5.0.

The soundbar can be connected to any wireless device without any headache. Even you can add a pen drive through the given USB port.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D

Multiple connectivities.

Earlier the issues with the soundbar used to be of single connection mode. Either it will be Bluetooth, or it’s only a USB port, or you can only play the songs on a pen drive.

With this boAt aavante soundbar, you are getting multi-connectivity spots Like Bluetooth, USB port, Aux port, and HDMI port.

Now experience the actual connection.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D

Experience its equalizer mode.

Not only music but experience movies, news, shows, and web series in this single piece of electronic.

Now, tune the melody which suits you. This soundbar has four included speaker drivers and a Subwoofer.

Each speaker has an output of 15W each. And the outcome of the included Subwoofer is 60 watts.

This means the total output of this boAt soundbar is 120W.

BoAt Aavante 1700D Review
BoAt Aavante 1700D

Coming to the dimensions of this boAt aavante 1700D soundbar-

The four-speaker drivers are each 6.5 inches and 4ohm × one subwoofer unit. The sound-to-noise ratio of this soundbar is 72dB. This soundbar comes up with the support of Dolby digital plus.

This boAt aavante 1700D is a 38 inch wide soundbar.

Key features-

  • 2.1 channel.
  • Included Subwoofer with four screwdrivers.
  • 120 watt RMS output sounds.
  • Premium look.
  • Equalizer mood.
  • Multiple connectivities.


  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Punchy bass.
  • Sleek look
  • Cinematic experience.


  • Dolby digital plus is highly audible
  • High notes are highly noticeable.

BoAt aavante 1700D Soundbar price.

Wonder what the price of this full-of-wonder box is?

But, before getting to the price. The question is from where you’ll get this masterstroke.

Well, this piece is readily available on every online shopping website. But, if you want to buy this boAt aavante 1700D soundbar at a discounted price. Then Amazon is the best place for you.

At Amazon, you’ll get this premium soundbar just at ₹ 9,999. This BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar is worth money and time investment.

BoAt aavante 1700D Reviews.

 Last, don’t you want our reviews about this boAt aavante 1700D. If you ask us, this is a perfect piece for bass lovers, with excellent sound quality, supporting a 32 GB pen drive port, fantastic build quality, and uncountable benefits.

This boAt aavante 1700D has a 4.1 rating and all happy comments from all the happy families and customers.

Overall, an out-of-blue product. No wonder why people are crazy over this ultimate BoAt aavante 1700D soundbar.

Feel the essence.


How many speakers are there in the bar?


Is there an FM Radio?


Will this boAt aavante bar work through optical cable for Samsung tv.

If your TV has a visual option, then this will work.

Is the Dolby effect good with Bluetooth?

Yes, it’s good.

Do this boAt aavante bar support karaoke?

No, it does not support it.

Is the Subwoofer active or passive?

The Subwoofer is active.

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