Boat aavante bar 1190 review 2022: Price, Features & Overview

Are you a traveler? Dancer? Festive season lover? The product we are going to introduce today perfectly suits anyone having a cheerful personality.

Choose a product as cheerful as you.

Till now, the mice of curiosity would have started jumping in your mind.

What new today we are going to experience at Is it something extraordinary? And God knows how many questions have started popping up.

Well, you have to wait a bit more, but we can give you a hint. Let’s see if you are a true electronics lover or not.

The first hint is that it is a famous Indian electronics brand mostly seen in every second hand and ear.

And your second hint is:

“Discover an extreme level of cinematic audio experience.”

I’m sure, till now you would have got the idea what exactly the product is. So, not making you wait too long, let’s introduce you to our today’s creation.

“Boat aavante bar 1190”.

We will give you a brief idea about boat aavante bar 1190 reviews, price, features, and qualities like our other articles.

So, moving fast forward to the details.

Amplify your entertainment-

Woofers are love for some people like me, and this product is a perfect choice for us. This product is a powerful 40W soundbar that comes with active sub-woofers.

The best part of this product is its bass and balanced sound, and boat aavante bar 1190 never lacks in that. You can hear every single beat clearly, whether it’s gaming, dancing, and yes! for singing as well. The lows and highs are audible.

Boat aavante bar 1190 review
Boat aavante bar 1190

Where this boat aavante bar 1190 can be used-

There are numerous reasons why one should buy this boat aavante bar 1190, and use it for various purposes.

Are you a movieholic? If you are, this bar 1190 can add a glow to your television set and audio quality. You’ll feel like sitting in the cinema hall.

For Gamers or people crazy over video games, this is special because of its 90W sound quality. Hear out everything clearly without missing a single lag.

You can easily use it on trips.

If you are a music lover, this product can add a vibrant glow to your home.

And the counting doesn’t stop here, and there are many more than we can count.

Boat aavante bar 1190 review
Boat aavante bar 1190

Let’s check out the specification of boat aavante bar 1190 Soundbar-

  • An exquisite design.
  • Have in-built subwoofers.
  • Long-range remote control.
  • Multiple connectivity modes.

1. An exquisite design.

What’s new in that? What’s unique about the design? And God knows how many questions would be running in your mind.

Let me answer all of them in one go.

Boat aavante bar 1190 is a classy black beauty soundbar with a remote control set, a flat and uniquely designed soundbar.

I bet you might haven’t seen such a classic price that you can’t stop yourself from touching it.

Once you see it, no one can stop you from buying the advanced boat aavante bar 1190.

Boat Aavante Bar 1190 Review
Boat aavante bar 1190

2. Have an in-built subwoofer.

This cheerful soundbar is laced with dual in-built subwoofers, which not only gives a cherishing bass but amplifies every single beat, and you can hear out low and high-frequency clarity.

Let me repeat it, best price for dances.

3. Long-range remote control.

A long-range remote control. Have you ever gone through a situation when you are in another room trying to change the song, but the bitch remote is not working?

Well, now you can get relief from that.

This tremendous black matte boat aavante bar 1190 comes with a long-range master remote control. Now you can change according to your mood from another room as well.

Shorten the distance with us.

Boat aavante bar 1190 review
Boat aavante bar 1190

4. Multiple mode connectivity.

The heading in itself is quite confusing. Isn’t it? Let me clear the fog for you.

You can easily connect all types of devices with this 2.2 channel Bluetooth soundbar without any issue.

The feature with puts up this aavante bar 1190 on seven skies is that it is connectable to any wireless or wired devices with Bluetooth 5.0 connection, auxiliary port, USB port, and HDMI feature.

My gosh! It’s like seven dishes on a single plate.

I don’t see any reason one would ignore this masterpiece. But, still, let’s tell you more about this product.

Boat aavante bar 1190 review
Boat aavante bar 1190 review

What are the boat aavante bar 1190 features-

  • Deliver HD sound quality
  • It is enhanced with multiple EQ modes.
  • Sleek design and look.
  • 2.2 Chanel surround sound.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 90W sound quality.

You might have heard where comes the pros; there come the cons. You will be stunned to hear that there had been no single complaint about this product till now. So, you can see the pros but not the cons of this boat aavante bar 1190.


  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Eye-dropping look.
  • Best bass
  • Easy to control.
  • Comes with one year warranty.
  • Free shipping of the product.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Coming up to our next era, that’s the price.


  • No single complaint about this product till now

Boat aavante bar 1190 price-

This new edition of boat aavante bar 1190 is available at a reasonable price of Price not available on its official boat-style website.

And this soundbar is available at a discounted price at Amazon. Just visit the web portal which suits you and make it your now. Currently available on the official website of Amazon.

Boat aavante bar 1190 review
Boat aavante bar 1190

Boat Aavante bar 1190 Review-

Suppose you ask us, that we would suggest you buy this boat aavante bar 1190 for sure. You can make this exclusive product the show of your home in a single go.

With the amazing and equity in the bass, sound quality, volume density, up and lows, this is just a suitable piece of art.

Without any drawback, this boat aavante bar 1190 is winning the heart of hundreds of people. With the latest features and qualities, this product is on the list of top boat products.

Launched on 6th august 2020, in just seven months, the name of this product is on the lips of every second person in the sound market. So, you can imagine how efficient the product is.

So, stop overthinking, and visit amazon to make this boat aavante bar 1190 yours.


As usual, we have a bunch of questions related to the product, So here we go.

What is the actual length of this boat aavante soundbar?

This boat aavante soundbar 1190 is 36 inches.

Is this soundbar connectable to videocon TV?

If the TV has a Bluetooth, HDMI port, Aux or Coas, Then definitely YES! it can easily be connected.

Does the company provide an installation service?

No, it can be easily connected. Therefore there’s no service available like this.

Do this product supportive of FM radio.

No, It is not.

Is it a cell type or charging type device?

It is a charging-type device.

What is the maximum volume of this soundbar?

The sound can be increased to a maximum of 32.

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