boAt aavante bar 1800 Review 2022 With Price And Features

Boat AAVANTE Bar 1800 120W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Is your headset/ earphone giving you a feeling like ‘ a cat on hot brick’? In simple, are you not satisfied with your earphone? If not, then this article is for you.

We always try to serve the best earphones in front of you to choose the best option for you. In that series, Today, My Techie Talk got you another top-notch Bluetooth speaker. If you are a dancer or love to listen to songs at a high volume, then be prepared to experience something beyond amazing. It’s the time to get the feel of theatre at your home.

Till now, you might have started to guess, Which earphone is? What would be the key features, what’s the price, and so on.

Hold on, Hold on.

Why hurry. I suppose we are going to get along real long.

So, Today’s limelight stealer is BoAt Aavante bar 1800.

The boAt had always been famous for its quality products and boAt signature sound. Either price or quality boAt never fails to amuse us. And in that series of amusement, boAt got us some fundamental top-notch features through this boAt aavante bar 1800.

Let’s check the unique qualities of Today’s point of attraction – BoAt aavante bar 1800 reviews.

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

BoAt aavante bar 1800 Specifications-

  • Super punchy bass.
  • Integrated soundbar controls.
  • Multi-connectivity.
  • Elegant design.
  • 600 RMS
  • Wireless subwoofer.

Whenever a new product is launched by boAt, Every second person wants to try it, showing the real fame of the boAt. And to not let you regret your decisions, we have a crystal clear picture of boAt aavante bar 1800 soundbar.

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

BoAt aavante bar 1800 features-

There are multiple features for which the boAt aavante bar 1800 is famous. So, let’s start with its super punchy bass and sound quality.

Super punchy bass-

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

The advanced boAt aavante bar 1800 delivers amusing music. And behind that fantastic sound is a super thrilling bass. The delightful melody and beat countable music result from this super quality bass of boAt aavante 1800 soundbar.

With this super punchy bass of boAt aavante bar 1800, you will feel every single beat.

Multi connectivity-

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

I always used to wish about a Bluetooth having many connections. So, people can use multiple ways to hear out songs.

Luckily I got it.

In several soundbars, you’ll either find a single Bluetooth connectivity or a maximum of two. But, this boAt aavante bar 1800, has this multi-connectivity features. Along with its Bluetooth version 2.1, this soundbar can be connected by various modes such as USB, auxiliary ports, HDMI cable, and coaxial and optical cables. Now, it’s an easy go-to to connect to other devices and external storage devices with this boAt aavante bar 1800 soundbar.

600 RMS wireless sub-woofer-

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

The subwoofers are icing on the cake to this boAt aavante bar 1800 soundbar. The soundbar has a record of giving an exhilarating and boAt signature sound. In addition to that is the subwoofer. The combo of soundbar and subwoofer will give an amplified 600 RMS sound, and your house will groove on it.

Integrated control-

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

I think remotes have this tendency of playing hide and seek. Whenever you need them, you are never going to find them. It’s a rumor about soundbars that they can only be accessed with a remote. But not now. Now, you can access the soundbar without the remote.

You wonder How?

Well, sound aavante bar 1800 has integrated sound controls. Now you can control the sound by yourself, without using the remote. Regulate music, play/pause, and access controls using the buttons of the soundbar.

Unique design-

BoAt Aavante Bar 1800 Review
BoAt Aavante Bar 1800

This boAt aavante bar 1800 has a sleek and premium look. The first look is going to melt your heart away. One look and you will love to experience something out of the blue.

An upgraded and updated version of boAt bars.


This boAt aavante bar 1800 has an output of 120Watt with an updated Bluetooth version of 2.1 channel.


  • 120 Watt RMS.
  • Bluetooth V 2.1
  • Affordable price.
  • Multiple connectivities
  • Effective bass


  • Not an auto-connecting subwoofer
  • AUX ARC is buggy
  • HDMI port position issue.

BoAt aavante bar 1800 reviews-

Overall, said this boAt aavante bar 1800 is a top-rated and top quality product. The four on 5 rating says it all. With a sleek design and premium look, this is a top-class sound bar one looks for.

So, don’t overthink and make it yours now.

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