BoAt Airdopes 121 Review 2022 Price With Features

BoAt Airdopes 121 Review

BoAt products are in huge demand in the electronics market. No hundreds or thousands, but lakhs or even more boAt products are circulating over the electronics market. At my techie talk, you will see the detail of best sellers and top-rated boAt products. In that series of praising, today we have got you another blockbuster product of boAt series: boAt Airdopes 121 Review.

These pair of boAt Airdopes 121 were launched on 6th August 2020.

With updated battery backup, the latest design, and multiple features, this Airdopes 121 still gathers many audiences.

Let’s see what you are going to get in this article of boAt Airdopes 121 review.

Starting with- Opening the box.

What’s in the box of boAt Airdopes 121:

  • boAt Airdopes 121 bus
  • Charging Case
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • Extra pair of ear tips(Small and Large)
  • Warranty card
  • User manual

BoAt Airdopes 121

boAt Airdopes 121 Review

Key features-

  • Truly wireless earbuds
  • Bluetooth  Version 5.0
  • Sweat and Splashproof
  • Bluetooth Range- 10 m
  • Product Weight – 36 gm
  • dimensions: 6.7 x 2.7 x 3.2 cm
  • One year warranty
  • Playback Time: 3.5 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours


The boAt Airdopes 121 has multiple unique features which attract the users towards itself. Let’s check what are they.

Build Quality:

boAt Airdopes 121 review
boAt Airdopes 121

boAt Airdopes 121 is one of the most lightweight products of boAt. You will not believe yourself when I’ll tell you that these stylish modern designed Airdopesweigh 36gm. Yes, it’s true! You’ll not even sense wearing it, which is why these are best useable for longer durations.

If described in two words, then snug and secure perfectly fits for it.

The best part of building quality is the building design of the charging case. There is a boAt logo and LED indicator as a boAt signature.

Along with that, the left and right earbud have indications on the charging case if related to any errors.

Colour Options:

Maybe not for others, but people like me, who are real valuers of colors, for them the colour of Airdopes matters.

This boAt Airdopes 121 has three eye-catching and soothing colors: Active black, Vibrant blue, Cherry blossoms. Plus, they have two-color finishing.

Battery Life:

The charging case battery is made of lithium polymer. It has a battery capacity of 380 mAh, with the ability to charge the headphones three times, giving a long-lasting battery life of 10.5 hours. Whereas in earbuds, the battery capacity is 40mAh, with a 3.5 hours lasting battery life. Charging the earbuds take two total hours. And for the complete charging and low charging, there are LED indicators, blue and red, for the following.

Charging and Charging Case:

The boAt Airdopes 121 comes with a unique and modern look charging case. The case is in the shape of a capsule, with looks quite a unique piece, with a crisp and clear matte finishing.But, no indicator indicates the charging of the case. In contrast, when you open the box, lets a digital battery indicator that shows the battery percentage of the case.The case has a magnetic lock, which works quite securely.

Sound Quality

Whenever we search for earphones, headphones or soundbars, the first attraction is the drivers.

And why? Because these are the only magical parts that are the reason behind the high quality and clear sound of the product.

The boAt Airdopes 121 has a set of dynamic 8mm drivers, which are the source of solidifying music given by the earbuds.

The bass of the Airdopes is highly amplified and modified. The mids and lows are heard and understood, even at a very high sound.

BoAt Airdopes 121 supports stereo calling too.

The Call quality is not too high, neither too low. And not quite a product for highly crowded places.


The boAt Airdopes 121 is equipped with highly updated Bluetooth version 5.0. Along with that, the earbuds secure multiple connectivity options. The Airdopes has a dual pairing option, with an excellent connectivity range of 10 m.

The feature in Bluetooth, which we found quite amusing, is: The paired device shows the earbud battery percentage below its name.

The device somewhere lacks in the latency mode.

Control and buttons

boAt Airdopes 121 Review

boAt Airdopes 121 is has a non-touch button control. Where there are no volume buttons. For answering or rejecting the calls, you have to tap on the earbuds.

  • For playing/Pausing the track, you need to click on the multifunction button.
  • To play the next song: Touch the right bud twice
  • To play previous: Touch the left button twice
  • For Voice assistant: Hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds
  • Press and hold the multifunction button: It will turn off automatically.

IPX rating:

The boAt Airdopes 121 has an IPX 4 rating, which only signifies its splash-proof and sweats resistant nature.


  • It can be used professionally
  • A quite low price
  • The case is quite remarkable designed
  • Lightweight earbuds
  • Connectivity with other devices shows the battery percentage
  • IPX 4 rated
  • Good battery life


  • No noise cancellation feature
  • Not effective low latency
  • Call quality is average
  • Touch control is annoying sometimes
  • No C-type charging


You might have seen all the pros and cons and detailed features of boAt Airdopes 121. These are pretty good earbuds, but it is an average Airdopes with ok features compared to other boAt products. It is an updated yet not very useful version. Yes, definitely, the price is relatively low, but somewhere features are according to the price.

Not a very highly expecting product. You can check the features, pros, and cons of boAt Airdopes 121 again, and then make a move.

Decide smartly.

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