BoAt airdopes 402 Review 2022, Price, Features [TWS] Is Boat Airdopes Worth It?

boat airdopes 402 bluetooth headset review 2022, Price, Features

It’s raining headphones here.

Are you on the list of people hunting for the best quality and cheap earphones? 

Well, your hunt I’d over now, with us, mytechietalk, you will not only find the best earphones for you but, the reason for why you should buy those earphones or headphones too.

Before getting a new earphone or headphones, the first question popped up in my mind is the reviews.

So, Today here we have got the best earphones reviews for you.

We have checked hundreds of websites, and online shopping portals, and even had a face-to-face call with many people, and the results that have come in front of us are ‘boAt.’

Yes! You heard me correct.

The boAt is the only top name we have come across.

And I can’t deny that there are thousands of people using boAt earphones, including me.|

Before moving on to why? Let’s check out how? How boAt become the favorite of all.

Let’s hear out the story of boAt in the turbulent sea of electronics.

The boAt is an Indian-based electronics brand established in 2015. The boAt is not only a homegrown brand for all electronic devices but an affordable, fashionable, and durable brand for electronic trend lovers. Yes! The boAt is the other name of the trend.

Starting with 25 members, BoAt bought a storm of revolution in the electronic market and made 800,000 happy customers in its first go.

And now those happy 800,000 have been changed to millions. Those millions are now a happy family of bolthead.

As per the survey, boAt sells a minimum of 8,000 products per day and at least five products per minute. This statement is enough to show the popularity of boAt accessories among people.

So, This was the “being famous and famed” journey of boAt. 

Don’t you want to know what the latest trending product of boAt is? Well, The current one I’m getting to hear and see the most is boAt airdopes 402.

We’ve got a list of questions related to boAt eardope 402, among which one problem is our boAt airdopes 402 review

How worth is the product?

So, here we are with the pocket full of details about boAt airdopes 402.

‘Energize your senses’ with BoAt airdopes 402.

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

June 2020, is one of the most crucial times of the year in our history. 2020 had bought and shown us a lot more than we have expected. We have spent the whole year in lockdown or at home. And for most people, it had been the loneliest time of their life. At that time, BoAt launched their new wireless earbuds named BoAt airdopes 402. This earbud has been the partner of lockdown for most of us. Either videos, 

games, music, call, it had been our all-time favorite, even though it is still is in our favorite list.

Let’s check out what are the specifications of these pretty awesome BoAt Airdopes 402.

BoAt airdopes 402 is a wireless earbud designed for all windows, android, and ios. With Bluetooth connectivity, these earbuds have a 16-hour battery backup. 

With instant voice assistant support, this earbud is laced with advanced touch controls for a better experience.

It has new tech with IPX4 water and sweat-resistant features. Stay connected and check what more attractive and hidden features are about to come-

BoAt airdopes 402 features- 

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

1. Sound quality.

It is the best choice eardope for a dynamic and fresh sound experience. With a mid-bass level, this BoAt airdopes 402 is laced with HD sound quality. 

It is the best suggestion for melody songs and gaming purposes. It blocks the external sound quality, and even 50% of the volume level is more than sufficient and satisfying. 

It has easy and quick access to the voice assistant.

2. Latency

The latency level is relatively low for these airdopes. If asked for gamers, these are the perfect choice for PUBG lovers and offer negligible lag for playing PUBG.

3. Calling

Counting on call has the average experience, not an up-to-the-mark option for long-term talkers. It is perfect for casual indoor calling but not friendly enough for outdoor calling.  

4. Battery backup.

For a single charge boAt airdopes 402, have a continuous playback time of 10 hours. YES! and it is not a myth. It comes up with its charging case, which charges the airdopes at three times faster speed than the regular charger. 

The earbuds come up with one led light, which displays the battery level.

So, overall a satisfying quality for airdopes.

Main attractions of BoAt airdopes 402-

1. Design and Comfort.

The most heard complaints about earbuds have been the hard and uncomfortable earbuds. Well, not with this BoAt Airdope 402. 

It is an ergonomically designed Itairdopes, with a finish of mixed glossy and matte finishing. And eye-soothing and eye-catching pieces.  

These earbuds have boAt logo for verification and come with a packing of plastic cases for safety. 

An unmatchable black beauty.

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

2. Touch System

Till now, most of you might have heard or seen buttons for commands. Well, Here’s something new for you.

This Airdope has a new unique touch system. It has touch sensors. A single tap on the earbud is enough for the directions.

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

3. WaterProof

It is laced with IPX4 waterproof quality. And Please note down- it is not water-resistant. It can only save from water splashes.

Do not try to dip the whole eardope in water.

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

4. Bluetooth connectivity.

It has Bluetooth v5.0, which has instant and smooth connectivity. There’s no more hassle with Bluetooth connectivity.

Boat airdopes 402 Review
Boat airdopes 402

5. Earbud quality.

The earbuds are made of feather-soft material and fit perfectly on the ears. Both earbuds have a microphone with and 10mm audio driver. 

Even one single earbud is more than enough to use.

Before we move towards boAt airdopes 402 reviews or price, let’s check out the pros and cons in a blink-


  • It has effective touch sensors.
  • A budget-friendly product.
  • 10 hours battery backup.
  • Laced with IPX4, a waterproof capacity
  • HD sound quality.
  • Low bass and low latency(best for gaming purpose)
  • Even mono earbud is more than enough.


  • It has a Moderate battery backup.

BoAt airdopes 402 price –

Looking up at the features and qualities, You might be wondering what’s the price of these amazing masterpieces. 

Is it too high? Are they affordable?

Hell Yes! 

They are incredibly affordable. On the various websites, it is available at a variety of prices. At Flipkart, it is at the lowest price of ****. On The official website of BoAt and Tata Cliq The boAt airdopes 402 is available at Price not available. At Amazon, it is at the highest price of Price not available. 

Now, it’s on you, which site you would love to buy. It’s the same on every online web portal.

BoAt Airdopes 402 Reviews- 

As first said, Reviews are the must-to-be-seen point before buying any new product online. Even I’m on the list of people who check all the reviews before getting any new product. Reviews give you a clear idea of is the product suitable for you or not.

Here, We’ve analyzed all the boAt airdopes 402 review from various online shopping portals and websites, and at the end of the analysis, we’ve got to know the following results- 

On Flipkart BoAt Airdopes 402 got the best positive reviews with a rating of 4.0. While it is currently unavailable on Amazon, but got a 4.5 rating earlier on the product.

Boat Airdopes 402 Review: Conclusion (Final Verdict) –

In the current trending BoAt Product, BoAt eardrops 402 is one of the cheapest eardope with multi-features and quality. It has the brilliant audio quality and a mid-level bass. 

It is a perfect fit for gamers with touch sensors.

Well, if you start counting the cons, you’ll get one or two on every other product, but it’s time to start looking in the bright direction. It would be best if you focused on the numerous pros of the product. 

A simply worthwhile product at an exact price. An all-rounder product.

So, what are you thinking now? 

Make this blissful, impressive piece yours. After reading all the facts and reviews, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

At last, we’ve got some FAQs that we would like to share with you, so here we go-

1. Can BoAt airdopes 402 be used on the laptop?

Yes! They can be ideally used on a computer, without any issue.

2. Is it have noise cancellation?

No, it doesn’t have noise cancellation but has a higher background sound.

3. Do it supportive on iphone8 plus?

Yes, it is readily supportive on the iphone8 plus.

4. Is it made in India?

The boAt is an India-based company. So, it is made in India.

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