BoAt airdopes 611 review 2022, Price and Features [TWS]

Boat Airdopes 611 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Mic Review

‘Gliding towards bliss’. The tagline written on the packing box of BoAt airdopes 611 is no less than a true statement.

The boAt has made it come true.

The other name of premium electronic devices is boAt.

boAt launches their latest collections on regular bases, and more focus is on the airdopes used by every second person.

Long ago, we used to have low-quality earphones, which needed to be changed monthly, but not now.

This collection of boAt airdopes is all about promises of durability, quality, and fashion.

Talking about the boAt collection and notifying the latest BoAt airdopes 611 will be an injustice to this latest antique collection. So, today at mytechietalk, BoAt airdopes 611 is in the limelight. Here you’ll not only get the details of these fantastic airdopes but numerous reasons to buy these fanciful airdopes 611.

Before we start getting too deep, let’s start with boxing.

With this fantastic set of airdopes 611, the extra benefits you get are-

  • A type C charging cable
  • A pair of earbuds.
  • A simple user guide
  • boAt catalog.
  • An extra pair of earbuds according to ear size.
  • A one-year warranty card issued by the company itself.

Moving towards the features of these airdopes, start counting with us.

boAt airdopes 611 features-

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

1. Design

Starting with the design. These latest BoAt airdopes 611 are the display airdopes of class and premium.

It is one of the lightweight products and gives comfortable wearing for long hours. The earbuds of these airdopes are designed as stem shaped. There’s a zero percent chance of falling off.

It had seen that 80% of people get confused between the right and left earbuds. Therefore to distinguish and make the task easy for you, the earbuds are separately marked as left and right.

There’s a blue light feature on the earbuds, which shows the pairing or connectivity of the airdrops 611 with the device.

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

2. Comfort.

The second question to be arising in our mind is comfort.

In most earphones, it had seen that after a particular period, the earbuds start paining in the ears, which is the real problem and starts irritating.

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

3. Bluetooth connectivity.

This boAt airdopes 611 is laced with a feature of the latest Bluetooth version 5.0, and it is said to have a wireless range of 33 feet.

With a range of 7-8 meters away from the device, these airdopes work outstandingly. And more distance can be a bit inconvenient.

These earbuds have auto-pairing mode, which implies it gets auto-connected with the last paired device on opening the case and gets disconnected as soon as the case is closed.

These are the extra convenient IWP or instant wake-up pair technology.

One more plus point of these boAt airdopes is that one can use them in mono mode. You can use one earbud according to your convince while putting the other one in the case.

It will work in both conditions.

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

4. Battery backup-

So, here’s our boAt airdopes 611 reviews about its battery backup. The playback time of this BoAt airdopes 611 is continuously 5.5 hours. The company’s recharging case enhances the earbuds four times over a single time charging, and over time, the playtime can be increased to 22 hours.

The charging case has a battery of 520 mAh, and it includes a type C charger for charging.

It takes 1-1.5 hours to charge these airdopes fully.

So, before using fully charging the airdopes 611.

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

5. Audio and call-

boAt airdopes 611 is laced with 5.5mm dynamic audio drivers. This piece has a crystal clear and dynamic voice quality with minimal distortions.

With a satisfying bass, it has pleasant vocals with clearly separable notes.

It has an excellent volume quality even at higher notes, but much higher volume for more extended periods can damage the ears badly.

So make sure you hear at an essential volume.

It comes with noise cancellation quality, So perfectly suitable for calling; even the stems of these BoAt airdopes 611 are just next to the mouth, so the person on the other side can hear the speaker’s voice clearly and sharply. It has a dual mic and extravagant voice quality.

6. Latency

Latency and lags can only be noticed while playing games. And these are a perfect fit for gamers.

It has a well-expected latency.

Boat airdopes 611 review
Boat airdopes 611

7. The BoAt airdopes 611 charging case.

This airdopes comes with a charging case that is not only stylish but light weighted. If you think that these are just for the look, no, they are not.

These are fully functional and come with a carry strap for safe and easy carrying.

The case has a type C port for the charging of the earbuds.

One can direct the charging with the LED light on the case— the green light heads to full charge and red for low battery.

The earbuds can be held inside in the case for security, and there’s this magnetic lock, which is more than secure. Now no need to worry about damaging the airdopes.

Now, looking toward the positive points and drawbacks of these BoAt airdopes 611.


  • Stem-shaped design that has minimal risk of falling.
  • Have the latest technology, Bluetooth 5.0, and an instant wake and pair feature.
  • This BoAt airdopes 611 gives a long hour uninterrupted playback of 5.5 hours, and because of its unique features, it got a 5 rating IPC for water and dust protection.
  • Auto-sensor mode. The music automatically stops after wearing off the earbuds.
  • It gives a precise crystal volume and audio feature.
  • Satisfying bass.
  • Free charging cable.


  • The connectivity range is only 7-8 meters.
  • One can see minimal lags can while playing.

BoAt airdopes 611 color options-

  • Airdopes 611 comes up in 2 trendy and spunky looks, which are royal black and sporty blue. Both colors are equally competitive and are being purchased in a vast amount.
  • These fashionable and Swaggy airdopes are something one who is after trend, fashion, and durability.

Buy the one which suits you the most.

boAt airdopes 611 reviews

If you ask us, this is an up-to-the-mark option for earphone lovers. With various pros, there comes a few cons. BoAt airdopes 611 is an antique, ear-detecting, expensive design airdopes on the other side, it has some drawbacks like it has touch controls while it doesn’t work with the volume option.

A single tap is enough to connect or disconnect a call.

And so many features.

This boAt airdopes 611 got a rating of more than 4 in every other online shopping portal. This airdopes 611 is just the exact of what you want.

BoAt airdopes 611 price-

Till now, you might be curious about the BoAt airdopes 611 price?

This extra convenient BoAt airdopes 611 Price of Price not available on Amazon.

Make this masterpiece yours at a discounted price. It’s a now-or-never deal. So, chase it before it slips out of your hands.


If you are looking forward to the latest edition of boAt products, then this airdopes 611 should be the next one on your list.

Airdopes 611 is a box of exciting and unbelievable features, starting from the design, finishing, comfortable, durable, fashionable touch sensor, and voice quality. It is an up-to-date airdopes for a music lover.

Till now, all those who have purchased this BoAt airdopes 611 are fully satisfied and happy with the results.

Hope you are the next one on the list.


At last, our readers have a bunch of questions and queries about this boAt airdopes 611, and we have tried to answer all of them, so here we go-

1. When was this product launched?

These were launched on 6th August 2020.

2. Why it is out of stock most of the time?

Due to the enormous purchasing, this product is out of stock on Amazon.

3. How is the calling experience with this earphone?

Well, the experience is more than satisfactory. This edition has impressive sound quality.

4. Can I use it with my laptop?

Yes, it can be connected to every device.

So, here we end our article with this exclusive BoAt airdopes 611. Stay connected with mytechietalk for more articles about boAt electronics and products.

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