Boat Rockerz 195 Review 2022, Price and Features [Bluetooth Headset]

Boat Rockerz 195 Bluetooth Headset Review-

Now and then, the Boat fires up its new launches. 

As soon as we start to get over their initial launches, Boat fires up other pristine wilderness. Boat never seems to amaze us with its flawless products.

This time mytechietalk got you another power pack product of Boat- boAt Rockerz 195.

This article covers the whole journey of Boat Rockerz 195 in the market. From its launch to Boat Rockerz 195 review, price, and much more.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

There are multiple boat earphones in the market. Then you would question, Why Boat Rockerz 195?

Well, The quality which makes it different from other boat earphones or headphones is Its fast charging and highest battery life technology.

Launched in August 2020, boat Rockerz 195 is an extremely affordable product with delicate features and unimaginable qualities.

Unreal is coming to be true.

What if I say, now you can stream Netflix, play games, listen to your favorite movie and attend all the calls?

Well, it’s possible now.

Yes! It is possible with boAt Rockerz 195.

Let’s see what more is possible with this antique Boat Rockerz 195.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Boat Rockerz 195 review.

You’ll not alone get a single earphone. Along with that, you’ll get a bunch of items. Let’s check em’ What they are.

What surprises are in the box?

  • A boat Rockerz 195 headphones.
  • Soft and adjustable rubber ear-tips.
  • A USB cable
  • A micro cable.
  • A user manual for instructions.
  • One-year warranty card.

Boat Rockerz 195 Features-

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Battery life.

The first quality of this Boat Rockerz 195 that we mentioned is the long-hour battery backup. Most of the headsets have all pros except the long-term battery, and that is the primary point. This headset gives 15 plus hours of battery backup in just 2 hours of charging.

Once you have changed it, it would give you a complete 15 and even more hours.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195


Undoubtedly everyone prefers a good-looking earphone or neckband. It has an eye-catching design that automatically attracts you to itself.

And trust me! This attraction is worth it. 

This Boat Rockerz 195 will give a whole cool look when you wear it on your neck.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Bluetooth connectivity-

Most earphones lack in providing a good Bluetooth connection. Buying an expensive headset and not having a smooth Bluetooth is no less hurtful than a breakup.

This Boat Rockerz 195 has an updated V5.0 Bluetooth version that gives smooth Bluetooth connectivity with all devices.

And it has Dual connectivity.

Yes! You heard me.

Now, you can connect two devices at the same time.

Easy-peasy. Isn’t it?

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195


This device had an IPX4 rating, which implies this headset is sweat-resistant and splash-proof.

It is not water-resistant but yes! Free splashes of water will not harm this mighty headset.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Inline controls.

The headset has inline control buttons to manage calls, skip/play/pause, or activate voice assistant or Siri. You can access the mic and other controls over there.

The command is in your hands.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Sound quality-

It has a clear-cut sound quality with inbuilt neodymium magnets. It has a super punchy and deep bass.

Its single 10mm titanium driver is enough to produce sound equally elegant as other earphones’ dynamic drivers.

With that, it has a long 10m Bluetooth range.

Connect without any interruption.

You’ll not alone get a single earphone, along with that, you’ll get a bunch of items. Let’s check em’ What they are.

Boat Rockerz 195 Review
Boat Rockerz 195

Mentioning the qualities, How can we forget to mention the merits and demerits of Boat Rockerz 195.


  • ]Extremely lightweight
  • Smooth ear cups.
  • Adjustable ear tips.
  • Clear and crisp audio.
  • Flexible wiring.
  • Long 15 hours playback time.
  • Hands-free calling.
  • Dual pairing Bluetooth.


  • Old IPX rating

Now, You would be wondering, What’s the price of this fantastic, flawless product of Boat

Then, Hold your seats tight.

Boat Rockerz 195 price.

This ideal piece is available at an excellent and easy price of ****.

Couldn’t believe it? Me as well.

When I compared the price with the features, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it would be discounted price, But then No! Every assumption is meant to be broken.

But it is what it is.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Amazon now.

Boat Rockerz 195, Review-

Everyone wants to know what is the Boat rockerz 195 review. What rating does the product gets?

Well, I’m amused as well.

Because Boat rockers 195 has got more than a rating of 4.5 on every website. When I say every, I mean it.

At last, a seven-star product.

You will not get this low-priced earphone or headset with all the plus points.

Small things make significant steps. And same with this updated and extremely comfortable boat rockerz 195.

This small, low-priced product got uncountable fame.

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