boat rockerz 550 review 2022, Price and Features

boat rockerz 550 review

How does it feel to flow with the trend? Well, it feels out of the world. How can we call ourselves updated when we are not going with the latest trend. Many of you would still be using your old earphones for the last 2-3 years. The one in a do-or-die condition, where one plug is already dead and the second one will die soon. Guys, it’s time to change. Change your taste in earphones. Don’t worry about your old ones, don’t throw them out. You can recycle them by exchanging them for new ones.

But, which new one to buy? There are multiple options nowadays, quite challenging to choose the best in trend earphones, isn’t it? Well, No!

It’s as easy as choosing your favorite candy from candy bars. Boat rockerz 550 is in high demand recently. Everyone is looking for this boat rockerz 550 and sometimes even out of stock at Amazon.

Thus, here at mytechietalk, today we give you a quick view of current trending earphones: Boat Rockerz 550.

The boat rockerz 550 is the successor of the last launch of the boat, the boat rockerz 510. Let’s check what’s inside the box of this. Keep an eye on boat rockerz 550.

boat rockerz 550 review
boat rockerz 550

What’s in the box:

  • boat rockerz 550 headphone set
  • Micro cable for charging
  • AUX cable for wired connections
  • One-year warranty card
  • A user manual
  • A pamphlet of boat products

Specifications or boat rockerz 550 features-

  • Eye-catching Design
  • Bluetooth version V5.0
  • Playtime: 20 hours
  • Dynamic Drivers
  • 500 mAh battery capacity
  • Connectivity
boat rockerz 550 review
boat rockerz 550

Design and Comfort:

The headphone gives a sporty look with boat logo on both the ear cups. The ear cups have heavy cushioning with an adjustable headband according to head size. The headband has one volume control and one turn-on and off button. There’s a LED indicator that indicates the charging of the headphone. Along with that, there are one AUX cable and one charging cable at the headband. The left and right are marked on the ear cups in case of confusion.

The headphone has a plastic body, which makes them entirely unbreakable after falling off.

boat rockerz 550 review
boat rockerz 550

Battery Life:

The boat rockerz 550 has a long playback time of 20 hours. It simply means now you can use your headphone in a non-stop rhythm. Let go of the fear of charging your headphone every few hours.

boat rockerz 550 review
boat rockerz 550

Dynamic Drivers:

The hand behind the quality and crisp sound of boat rockerz 500 is of its 50 mm dynamic drivers. With enhances the sound quality and gives a melody as output.


The Plus point of boat rockerz 550 is they have dual connectivity. They can be used in wired or wireless mode. Along with Bluetooth version V5.0, they can be connected with the help of an AUX cable.

Colour options:

The boat rockerz 550 is available in multiple colors: Green- black, Black, Red, and Red-black.

Key features-

  • Dimensions: 16.2 cm * 8.6 cm * 22.4 cm
  • Weight: 245 gm
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • battery life: 20 hours
  • battery backup: 500 mAh
  • Bluetooth version V5.0


  • Money worth product
  • Cushioned Earcups
  • Best quality sound
  • Dual Connectivity: Wired and Wireless


  • Bass is not up to the mark
  • Audio-video lagging
  • Quite heavy

Conclusion: Boat rockerz 550 Reviews

The one searching for best in the budget, money worth, stylish headphones- then it’s their turn now. With all the latest technology and features, this is one of the best-earned products of the boat. Either music or gaming, these headphones are going to give you a classy and heaven experience.

Check it on Amazon now.

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