boAt Rockerz 560 Review 2022: Price With Features

boAt Rockerz 560 Review

The electronics market is snowballing, and along with that, what else is changing- is the choice of people choose the product. Earlier, headphones are neglected because of their heavy shape and size and low portability feature. In contrast, headphones have taken over the electronic market at a pace. To make headphones more efficient and comfy, they have been made in both ways. They have dual connectivity, with both wired and wireless in the same headphone.

Thus, today’s article is a headphone with updated features and moderated looks, The boAt Rockerz 560.

Another top seller and top-rank holder boAt. No wonder why people are crazy for boAt products. Affordability +Quality is what makes boAt a perfect brand.

Let’s help you decide whether boAt Rockerz 560, is worth buying or not?

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The gracefully designed boAt Rockerz 560 boxes have a set of accessories, which includes:

  • One boAt Rockerz 560 headsets.
  • An AUX cable
  • One Micro USB cable for charging
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • boAt welcome card

BoAt Rockerz 560

boat rockerz 560 review

Key Features:

  • Product weight: 245 gm
  • Battery Time: Up to 15 hours
  • Charging Time: .5 Hours
  • Bluetooth version -4.2
  • Bluetooth range – 10 m
  • Driver Size – 40 mm
  • Jackie – 3.55 mm

Design and Build Quality:

The boAt Rockerz 560 is an over-ear headphone with a good build quality with ergonomic design. The size of the headphones can be adjusted from the arm of your hand to the size of your head. The ear cups are adjustable and foldable, which makes these headphones less space-consuming and easily portable. Along with that, the earcups are soft cushioned, which makes them comfortable for longer durations.

The headphone is quite heavy in size, which can be a drawback for long-duration wearers.

Battery Backup:

boat rockerz 560 Review
boat rockerz 560

The boAt Rockerz 560 has a lithium polymer battery with has 400mAh battery for a good life. And the average playback time of boAt Rockerz 560 is 10-12 hours when used with 70-80% volume. The headphones take 2.5 hours to get fully and perfectly charged.

Overall said, an average battery life at this price.

Sound Quality:

boat rockerz 560
boat rockerz 560

Sound quality is an essential point on which the headphones are judged, and why should not? Whether you are a music lover, a long-durational caller, or gamer, the sound is the most efficient part, and this is why headphones are for.

The boAt Rockerz 560 has crystal clear highs and lows. And more attention-seeking is the bass. The bass is of super quality. The headphones are best designed for noise cancellation. And if asked for call quality, we would love to give five stars, as the in-built microphone is up to mark, without any degraded sound quality on the other side of the call.

If overall judged, the boAt Rockerz 560, has the best sound quality you can get under 2000.


The boAt Rockerz 560 has dual connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX cable. (Wireless and Wired)

This is perfect, as when you lack a battery, you change the mode of use from wireless to wired. How convenient.

Bluetooth connectivity:

boat rockerz 560 review
boat rockerz 560

To turn on the Bluetooth, the first power on the headphone will be indicated with a flash of blue and red light. Then check the Bluetooth name on your device and pair it up.

The boAt Rockerz 560 is updated with Bluetooth version 4.2 with a 10meter Bluetooth range.

And in case you lack battery, you have another option.

AUX connectivity: you don’t have to hassle too much to connect the Aux cable. There is a 3.55mm jack in the earcups. Only connect the cable, and it’s ready to use.

The only feature it lacks is: In the Bluetooth version while watching a video, the audio does not match with the lip-syncing, which is quite awkward.


  • Durable Life
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Super cool bass
  • Dual connectivity (Wired or wireless)


  • Low Bluetooth connectivity
  • Earcups are quite loose
  • Battery performance could be much better


So, here it ends, above given is the detailed description of all the merits and demerits of boAt Rockerz 560. Now, the only thing left is to choose, to choose the best for you.

You would know better than anyone else what you are looking for. Check all the best headphones at a similar price as boAt Rockerz 560, then compare them, and choose the one for you.

You can check the features of boAt Rockerz 560 on Amazon too.

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