COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill Review 2022 by My Techie Talk

COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill

COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill Review

Key Features –

  • Net weight of the product: 84 Kg
  • Motor: 2.5 HP DC motor (Peak of 5 HP)
  • Speed Range: 1Km/h – 18Km/h
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130Kg
  • Running belt: 52” x 20”
  • Auto inclination: 0-15%

Do you wonder what makes the treadmills cost a fortune? Are you planning to buy one?

Treadmills are the soul of workouts these days. Every second person is looking for a treadmill for home or personal use.

That is why they are available in both the lowest and highest ranges. It starts from 10K-20 k and ends in lakhs. The more costly it is, the more updated it will be.

This article has got you the bonafide COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill review, and it will help you know more about the branded and high on demand treadmill.

COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill Reviews

The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill is a highly stable, sturdy and reliable treadmill made up of high-grade steel that ensures the durability of the treadmill and user safety during the workout. There is cushioning design on both sides of the treadmill that helps in noise reduction.

It has a multi-layered, anti-skid shock absorption running belt that saves the user from shock impacts on the knees and ankles.

It equips the LCD screen that monitors the real-time progress of the user for time, speed, distance, pulse, calories burned and incline.

The treadmill is comfortable and ideal for running, jogging and walking purposes and all thanks to its large size running belt and highest speed range of 1km/h to 18km/h.

Along with that, the 15% Auto incline feature gives the user a topsy-turvy exciting workout session, and the 34 pre-set programs work as icing on the cake for the workout freaks.

You will experience additional functions like mp3 in-built speaker, 34 programs in which one manual, three targets, 25 pre-set, five users, and 2 HRC in the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill.

In brief, the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill is a foldable, classy and easy-going treadmill that is optimized for a workout at home and has a maximum user capacity of 130Kg that is impressive.

COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill Specifications


Motor defines how powerful the treadmill is and how efficiently it can work. The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill is equipped with a 2.5 Horse Power DC motor with a peak of 5 Horsepower. This one feature is not seen in any random motorized treadmill.

Running Belt

Getting a large size running belt is quite a tough nut to crack. But, in the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill, you have got an exceptional wonderful dimensional running deck: 52 inches x 20 inches (1320mm x 508 mm).

Mostly, the mid-range treadmills have a running belt of 16 inches, whereas you’ve got 20 inches in this, which is exceptional amusing.

Speed range

How many miles you can run in an hour depends on the speed range. The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill is an ideal treadmill for beginners and pro users as it has a 1Km/h speed range plus 19 km/h.

One can choose any speed range between 1Km/h upto 18Km/h according to their running speed.


The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill has a 15% auto incline feature that will make your workout session quite exciting and challenging.

Maximum weight capacity

With a net weight of 84 kg, it is pretty heavy, but along with that, the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg that is the highest till now. The people of 110kg can easily use this precisely cosmic treadmill. What else could one ask for?

1.7” inch LCD

The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill has a 1.7-inch LCD screen that monitors the time, speed, distance, pulse, calories, and incline.

Plus, you’ve got a handful of 34 programs, among which 1 manual, 24 pre-set, 3 targets, 5 users, and 2 HRC.

These all together are going to give you an exciting intensifying, and de-intensified workout journey.


For the safety of users, you’ve got an emergency stop that can be used in case to save from accidents.

It’s an easy-going step to perform.

Additional Functions

In addition, you’ve got mp3 in-built speakers for entertainment purposes along with the other amusing features.


  • Large size and comfortable running belt
  • Shock absorbing feature
  • Highest maximum weight capacity
  • Auto incline feature
  • Foldable and easy-use treadmill
  • A highly admired treadmill.


  • Heavyweight treadmill
  • Quite costly

Conclusion: Is COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill worth buying?

What’s your view on this question after reading out the details of the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill? If you ask us, then it’s a five-on-five rated motorized treadmill.

If you have a budget of 70K, and you are ready to invest a good penny on a motorized treadmill for home/personal or professional use, then go for it.

The COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill has got everything in extra. With extra updated technology and features, the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill is one of the best-motorized treadmills of high budget in the market.

You can check out the COSCO CMTM-K-55 Treadmill on Amazon, then make your move.

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