Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill Review 2022 by My Techie Talk

Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill

Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill Review

Key specifications

  • Net. Weight- 140Kg
  • Dimensions- 2.1 x 0.88 x 0.16 Meters
  • Motor- 2.0 HP (Peak- 4 HP)
  • Speed range- 1km/h – 20.8km/h
  • Maximum weight capacity- 150 Kg
  • Incline- 0 – 18 levels
  • Folding- Yes
  • Functions- Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Program, Level, Pulse, Body Fat
  • Display- 7 inches

In this era of lockdown and mental illness, all we need is a new and refreshing lifestyle. What could be more refreshing than fit health? Either it’s mental or physical. Scientifically it has been confirmed that exercise or workout sessions can make a huge positive impact on physical and mental health.

Jogging in parks and nearby nature has its perks, but we believe in trends and trendy products. Treadmills are the trendiest products you can grab your hands on if it comes to health and fitness. Not hundreds or thousands, but lakhs of people are humongous using and loving motorized or manual treadmills.

In the series of genuine reviews, here we are with Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill review. So, what’s to wait for? Let’s catch your breath and move on to brief details about Cosco fitness CX 5 treadmill.

Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill Reviews

Year after year, Cosco is growing as a huge and reputed firm as treadmill manufacturers. People are living it and deeply and madly fans of a few pieces of Cosco treadmill, and one of those is Cosco fitness CX 5 treadmill. It is one of the high-budget motorized treadmills, and when we say high and yes! It does cost a fortune with its New age Design, 2.0 HP AC Duty Continuous 4.0 HP Peak. 7 LED Window Displays: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Program, Level, Pulse, Body Fat, Mp3 & USB Player.

Not to mention the overwhelming speed levels up to 1km/h – 20.8km/h, and it is one of the highest speed levels so far. The emergency stop, anti-skid multi-layer- shock absorbing belt ensures the safety of the user. The Auto incline of 0 to 18 levels and an epic weight capacity of 150kg are the highlights of the day. All over, the Cosco fitness CX 5 is a fully empowered, technology updated, worth experiencing treadmill.

What we like


If you are looking for a quiet yet powerful motor, then Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill can be the deal of the day. The 2HP motor with a peak of 4HP ensures a smooth and long-lasting peaceful run of the decade.

LCD touch screen

The LCD screens in the treadmill are no wonder these days. The more amusing part is the features displayed on it. The 7 inches large LCD screen makes sure to display every single physical movement of the user, including speed, distance, time, calories, program, level, pulse, and Body Fat.

Workout programs

The 34 different workout modes with five pre-set and one user programs are designed with workout experts, ensuring fully satisfying workout sessions. A user can intensify or make the workout thrilling and fun with the help of these workout programs.


Nothing can be more thrilling than a mountain climb or ramp similar to that. Well, now you can get an experience similar to that with Cosco fitness CX 5 treadmill. The 0 to 18 level motor incline makes sure of the high-calorie burn along with great cardiovascular exercise. If you want to increase your muscle conditioning along with great training, you can use the incline feature.

Additional accessories

You can count on mobile and water bottle holders in additional accessories designed to support all types and sizes of mobiles, tablets, or bottles.

Running belt

With a large size running belt of 20 x 59 inches or (580x1500mm), get a comfortable and skid-free run. Moreover, if you have large steps, then also here’s the deal is on your side with the large size running belt.

Foldable design

The foldable design of the treadmill is what makes them super comfortable for home use. Along with a premium design and super sporty look, the Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill is a compact, low space-occupying treadmill, which you can keep aside after use.

Maximum weight capacity

With an impressive maximum weight capacity of 150kg, the Cosco treadmill is a great option for heavyweight people of 130kg as well.

Excellent customer service

The after purchase service is equally important as before purchase.

What we don’t like

  • Quite heavyweight
  • More features are expected as per the price range


Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill has earned enthusiastic reviews and no wonder why. Along with keeping you physically fit, the Cosco Fitness CX 5 Treadmill makes sure to entertain you with its MP3 music and USB cable. The treadmill has for sure multiple amusing features, but when it comes to price well, it’s quite high.

Yes, it is, without a doubt, a great option to buy, but if you are ready to invest a good amount on the treadmill, then why not have a look at other options?

Check the treadmill and see whether it’s perfect for you or your research is still in movement.

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