Featherlite Office Chair Review (Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair)

Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair Review

During this lockdown phase, everyone has gone through the phase of working from home. If you are a 9-5 office worker, then the product missed the most by you is your comfy, long-hour partner- the office chair.

Thus, today we are going for the Featherlite office chair review.

We have done an R and D on Featherlite office chairs, and here we are, with all the best features, pros, and cons of the chair.

Do not leave your sofa and laptop and hang on.

Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair

Featherlite Office chair review

Key Features –

  • Product Dimensions: Length (43.00 cm), Width (48.50 cm), Height (101.50 cm)
  • Primary Material: Mesh, Upholstery Material: Fabric
  • Color: Black, Style: Mid Back,
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect’s
  • Moulded polyurethane arms confirming to IS 7078 with steel inserts for long life, one way adjustable – height adjustable

About (Featherlite Office Chair):

1965, the day when Featherlite manufacturing launched for the first time in India, and since then, there’s no turning back. One of the highly admired chairs of Featherlite is Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair.

Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair is a perfect blend of ergonomic design, accurate performance, high-quality material, and enhanced features.

And the best part is it is highly affordable by far.

Featherlite Office Chair Review:

Design and Material:

Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

The Chair has an ergonomic and dazzling design. With a high build quality, the Chair is made of fabric upholstery material that makes it comfortable sitting for long durations.

It is a black beauty with a full back supportive design.


Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

A soft and comfortable duly upholstered seat made of quality fabric serves an extreme level of comfort. The seat is wide enough that you can easily sit in a cross-legged position.


Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

The Chair is equipped with a 3D armrest. The armrest is made of polyurethane with steel inserted inside it. The armrests are movable in 3 directions up and down, front and back, and left and right motion.


Featherlite Office chair has a breathable mesh backrest. Exceptional quality mesh fabric is used for the back upholstery with two unique pieces dynaflex to provide breathable and maximum comfort.

Height Adjustment:

Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

The Chair has a liver down where that you can use for the height adjustment of the Chair. It works smoothly without any interruption or issue.

Reclining (Multiple lock adjustment):

The Chair has a 60-70 degree smooth reclining that can be adjusted with a torso knob. The multiple lock mechanism leads to the reclining of the Chair at various angles.

Not only working, but you can use the Featherlite Office chair for small naps too. It’s simple to use, recline the Chair, and fix the reclining with the help of a torso knob.


Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

The Featherlite Office chair equips an adjustable headrest. The headrest is made of high-quality hard material that gives proper support to your head.

Lumbar Support:

Along with other features, it has lumbar support that serves your back the best. You can easily adjust the lumbar support in the up and down position, or you can move it back and front with the help of a knob behind the back.


Featherlite Office chair review
Featherlite Office chair

The 360-degree smooth swivel is going to give you immense comfort. Now you can easily relax with the swivel.


The Chair has a solid steel base with 5 PU caster wheels. The caster wheels have a smooth movement that makes the Chair highly portable.

Final Verdict:

In the Featherlite Office chair reviews, now you have been fully aware of the golden chance to get this might Featherlite office chair. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg, making it one of the best options for heavier people.

Along with that, it has multiple gleaming features like a 3D armrest, comfortable mesh backrest, smooth height adjustment, and many more.

At a very reasonable price, it is one of the best chairs you can get.
Now, check if the features of the Featherlite Office chair match the requirements that you are looking for in a perfect office chair, and if it seems perfect to you, then what to wait for?

Why delay with the right thing?

Grab it now.

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