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Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill Review

Key Features –

  • Motor type: DC-Motorised  | Motor horsepower data : 1.75HP Continuous ( 3.25HP Peak)
  • Belt size: 48.03″ X 16.53″
  • Inclination type: Manual Incline | Inclination Level: 2
  • Speed: 0.8-14 km/hr | Max Weight support: 110 Kilograms
  • One year free subscription of Fitwarz – An immersive fitness game
  • Live workout sessions from OneFitplus Studio & Earn Healthcoins

What’s your notion about innovative cardio equipment? Have you ever been given a shot at gym or workout sessions? Do you want to get rid of those scheduled gym classes?

Yes, we have an option where you can continue your workout at home with trainers without worrying about time.

Eager to know what it is?

Have you heard of the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill?

This article is for those who are looking for the honest-to-goodness Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill Reviews.

We will cover up each and every detail of the treadmill that will help you to elope your dilemma of whether to buy it or not.

Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill Review

About the product

The Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is a reputed motorized treadmill of the Fitkit brand. FitKit is an ISO-certified company, and it got ISO 9001 certification in 2015. And is known for manufacturing good quality of products.

The Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is a motorized treadmill equipped with manual inclination and manual lubrication altogether. It is an ideal treadmill for domestic use in which you can perform multiple cardiovascular workouts along with walking or running sessions.

You will have to carry a torch for the looks and functionality of the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill.


It is an easily less space occupying treadmill with foldable features. It is attached with small wheels that help in the smooth transportation of the machine.


The Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is readily available on online web portals like amazon under 25K-30K. It’s a budget range motorized treadmill that is filled with admirable features.

Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill specifications

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum user weight capacity of the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is 110Kg, making it an ideal piece for people with 90-95Kg body weight.

Speed Range

The speed range varies from 0.8Km/h to 14Km/h, which is customizable according to the user’s weight.


The Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is equipped with a powerful motor that gives a continuous DC output of 1.75 horsepower with a peak value of more than three horsepower.

It is an energy-efficient motor that gives a smooth and noiseless workout. It is a solid and robust motor with excellent build quality.

Running Belt

The running belt dimensions of Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill: 45 inches x 16.5 inches (120cm x 42cm). It is a large size running belt, with is smooth and comfortable for walking and running purpose.

Manual Inclination

The machine is equipped with a three-level manual incline, which helps in intensifying and de-intensifying the workout sessions.


The FitPlus android app is handy too, and you get with the treadmill through will you can track your daily workout. The app is easily connected to your android, iOS, or smart bands and checks the routine exercise and health status.

Along with that, you’ll get a six-month free workout and diet plan that’ll help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The FitKit manufacturers give a one-year warranty on the motor and other parts as well. Plus, if you want to increase the durability and life of the engine, then a voltage stabilizer is strongly recommended.

LCD Screen

The LCD monitors the essential functions like time; distance traveled, speed, calories burned, modes, pre-set programs, and heart rate.

In addition to that, the treadmill is laced with 12 pre-set customizable programs that are going to make your workout session more action-packed.


For the safety of the user, the treadmill is equipped with a safety clip. While walking or running, you have to attach the clip to your clothes, and in case the clip detaches, the machine automatically stops working.

Additional Features

There are additional features of the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill that make it entrancing. The machine is equipped with a multi-functional massager belt, dumbbells, and push-up bars.

Plus, the machine has a USB port and AUX cable that you can connect with smart devices and enjoy a complete musical workout session,

Along with these, the machine has a tablet and mobile holder.

Pros of Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill

  • Foldable and space-saving treadmill
  • Additional multi-functional massage belt
  • Equipped with hydraulic system
  • Safe and Hassle-free unfolding of the machine
  • Manual incline and lubrication
  • Multi-layered, anti-skid running belt
  • Shock absorption feature
  • Tablet and mobile holder.
  • Free installation of treadmill

Cons of Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill

  • The mp3 in-built speakers’ output could be better.

Conclusion: Is the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill worth your weight in gold?

If overall counted, it is an ideal motorized treadmill for cardiovascular workouts plus running and jogging sessions.

It is precisely used for domestic use because after 2-3 continuous workout hours, and you have to stop the machine for a few hours.
If counted based on performance and output, Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill is an excellent motorized treadmill you can use for home workouts.

If you are willing to buy the Fitkit FT100 Motorized Treadmill, then you can buy it delightfully.

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