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KOBO Treadmill TM 201 Review

Looking for a worthy treadmill with honest reviews? If you are reading this, then you are at your correct destination.

Buying a treadmill is not easy, and the more tough nut is the crack is the research part, where you have to choose among thousands of options, and one lead can make up your investment or let you down. But, why take a chance?

That’s is why in this article, we are here with the genuine KOBO Treadmill TM 201 Review. This will help you to decide whether the KOBO Treadmill TM 201 is a perfect match with your expectations, features and budget or not.

KOBO Treadmill TM 201 – 2 H.P Motorized Treadmill

KOBO Treadmill TM 201

Specifications –

  • 2 HP(Peak) DC motor
  • Speed Range: 1-14 Km/hr
  • Running Belt: 1200 mm x 420 mm
  • Eight Pre-set Programs for different level workout
  • 3 Level manual incline
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Walking- 120Kg, Running: 100 Kg
  • LCD Screen Size: 5 inches

KOBO is one of the top names counted for best treadmills in India. KOBO has launched several qualitative products at a budget price. If you are willing to buy one of the best indoor aerobic fitness equipment, KOBO is one of the best.  KOBO, you never have to compromise with the quality, even on a low budget.

KOBO Treadmill TM 201 is another best treadmill of KOBO laced with a handful of features like 2HP DC motor, three manual Incline, eight work out problems, and so more.

Let’s catch up on what more makes the users a fan of KOBO treadmill tm 201.

A concise description of KOBO Treadmill TM 201:

Let’s start with checking up the accessories you’ll get along with the KOBO treadmill tm 201.

What’s the in-box content:

  • One KOBO treadmill tm 201
  • Assembly manual
  • Assembly tool kit
  • Lubrication Oil

The KOBO Treadmill TM 201 is a 2HP DC motorized treadmill that is a perfect option for home Joggers, Cardio fitness freaks and runners who don’t like going to the gym.

The black coloured beauty is made of solid alloy steel that makes it durable and long-lasting. The 2HP DC motor has a warranty of one year by the KOBO manufacturers. You can set up the running or walking speed range up to 1-14 Km/Hr with heart rate sensors on the handle that will detect your heartbeat for every second. Before buying it, make sure you buy it according to your weight. The maximum weight capacity of KOBO Treadmill TM 201 while walking is 120 Kg, while the maximum weight capacity while running is 100Kg.

Now, you can enjoy your running sessions with perfect workout and booming songs. For that, the credit goes to an in-built Bluetooth system, which you can access through the iTunes store or ‘Fit Show’ app of the Google Play store. And if not wireless, then you’ve got the option for wired connectivity as well. With AUX cable connectivity with speakers, you can truly enjoy your workout music session.

The shocker suspension system of KOBO Treadmill TM 201 will give you an experience of a comfortable and safe run. The crisp LCD screen of 5 inches will show you statistics of time, speed control, running distance, heart rate, calories.

The KOBO Treadmill TM 201 is easily foldable and portable with its soft transportation wheel, and soft drop cylinder for easy unfold. Overall an easy-going treadmill with unique features.


  • It has great performance
  • A pocket-friendly product
  • It has an impressive maximum weight capacity
  • Precisely best for the cardiovascular workout


  • The running board is not quite strong
  • The motor may make noise after using for few months

Conclusion: KOBO Treadmill TM 201 Review:

If you’ll overall count, then KOBO Treadmill TM 201 is a simple, elegant and fully-featured treadmill under 30K. If you have a budget under 30K, you can go for this high-on-demand KOBO Treadmill TM 201 without any doubt.

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