Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill for home Review 2022 By My Techie Talk

Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill for home

Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill for home Review

Key Specifications –

  • Dimensions- 24.5 x 69 x 14.5 Centimetres
  • Motor- 2HP (Peak – 4HP)
  • Running belt- 1100 x 400 mm
  • Speed range- 1Km/h – 10Km/h
  • Folding- Yes
  • Maximum weight capacity- 100Kg
  • Pre set programs- 12 pre-set programs
  • Incline- Manual inclines of 2 levels

When it comes to fitness and health, the first name to pop up in mind is Lifelong. For decades Lifelong has been a trustworthy choice. The Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill for home is another best example to showcase the high-quality treadmill.

With a thunderbolt design and Thrilling features, the Lifelong fit Pro 2 H treadmill is undoubtedly a thrill invention of lifelong.

Lifelong fit Pro is a corded electric alloy steel treadmill with an epic design and robust aluminum material. The treadmill serves a high performance and belonging comfort. Features include a large running area, with a powerful yet equally noiseless motor of 2HP and peak of 4HP, and speed sets up to 1km/h to 10km/h plus its 2 level manual Incline lighten up the mood of the user by adding challenges and variety. Moreover, it is equipped with shock absorption running to reduce the impact of workouts in joints and knees.

The treadmill is loaded with helpful programs like 12-preset workout modes, LCD screen, anti-skid rubber surface, and high-density belt to deliver much space for a walk, run, and sprint.

Let’s check out the pros and cons that make it an ideal or not so ideal piece to lay hands on.

What we like

Manual Incline

The Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill has manual Incline up to two levels that challenge the user’s abilities and make the workout interesting and pleasing.

Additional accessories

For more comfort and ease, the treadmill is equipped with a mobile or tablet holder and bottle holder that makes things eased up.

Workout Programs

Either you are a newbie or pro workout freak, the 12 pre-set programs are made to challenge users’ abilities and make the exercise fun by setting new goals.

Impressive warranty coverage

Lifelong never fails to amuse the users with its warranty coverage. The treadmill comes with one year warranty on the motor and parts whereas a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Foldable and eye-catching design

The premium look makes it an eye-catching product. But the folding feature works as icing on the cake above it. The foldable feature makes it easy, compact, and space-saving, plus you can corner it after use.

Anti-skid running belt

With multiple layers, the anti-skid comfortable running belt makes sure of a comfortable and good run. Moreover, the premium and large belt give a large space to fit in and run.

Heart rate monitoring

The treadmill has a heart rate monitoring feature, whereby by putting your hands on the handrails, you can check your heart rate with ease.

LCD screen

Above all that, you will get access to your workout activities like time, speed, distance covered, pulse rate, and calories burned during the workout.


The 2HP, with a peak of 4HP powerful motor, delivers a raging and noise-free performance.

Speed range

No matter what your fitness level is, the Lifelong pro fit treadmill will make sure to give you a thrilling experience with speed levels from 1Km/h to 10Km/h.

Maximum weight capacity

The treadmill is fabricated to lift a weight up to 100kg, making it ideal for people with a weight of 80-85kg.

What we don’t like

The speed range of the Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill could have been better. Otherwise, the treadmill is an exquisite option for treadmill lovers or exercise freaks.

Conclusion –

Overall the Lifelong fit Pro 2Hp motorized treadmill for home is an amusing option for people looking for a new start.

The premium look, sturdy and robust design, and comfortable run will make you fall in love in the first go. The lifelong fit Pro treadmill is one of the best things you can lay your hands on to get elite health. On an extremely low budget, it’s one of the good treadmills to catch.

The superior features like the shock absorption belt make running the piece of the cake. So, stop thinking and buy this one if it fits your budget.

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