PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 Treadmill Review 2022 By My Techie Talk

PowerMax Fitness TDA 125

PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 Review

Key Specifications –

  • Dimensions: 32 x 46 x 72 cm
  • Net weight: 58Kg
  • Motor: 2HP (peak- 4HP)
  • Speed Range: 1Km/h – 16Km/h
  • Programs: 12 pre-set programs
  • LCD: 5.5”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity” 115Kg

Do you live in a small space or have a silver lining to fit up all your fitness equipment? Well, congratulations to you. As you have got a handful of space-saving or space-concerned treadmills. One of the hi-demand treadmills is the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125.

The treadmill has a space-saving, compact and modern model that will steal your choice in one go.

The more even option other than the treadmill’s space-saving design is the smooth caster wheels that help move the treadmill wherever and whenever you want. Now shift the treadmill without a single drop of sweat.

Thus, if you are in quest of an ultra-specifying, space-saving, compact, and fully featured treadmill, then you must check the PowerMac Fitness TDA 125 reviews.

There are multiple reasons why you can’t deny the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125, but the eye-catching features of the treadmill are.

What do we like


The 2.0HP DC quiet and energy-saving motor with a peak of 4HP ensure powerful performance.

Speed range

You can change the speed levels from 1Km/h to 16Km/h.

Semi-auto lubricating treadmill

Now, save your maintenance bills for the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 treadmill, as the semi-auto lubrication feature keeps the treadmill working without any issues.

Auto Incline

The 0-18% auto incline is the point of attraction. It will intensify the workout session to extreme levels.

Smart run with hi-fi speakers.

Now enjoy a smart run on the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125. The smart run records your activity and replays it for the next time you run. It’s easy to define the program that is just one single press away. Along with a full jam workout session, you can enjoy the thrilling music with hi-fi speakers. Now, make the workout more entertaining.


The company gives a lifetime warranty on the frame, one year warranty on the parts, and a 3-year motor warranty.


If you’re worried about safety, then don’t be. The PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 ensures the safety of the user. It is equipped with a safety key that minimizes the risk of injury during the workout

Heart rate sensor

The heart rate sensor on the crossbar handles helps the user access their heart rate during the workout.


The (HSS) hydraulic soft drop system folds up the treadmill and makes it easy to store and place in a corner. Now, there’s no need for a quantile space to keep the treadmill.

Additional accessories

The treadmill has multiple good choices like MP3 music and a USB port. Along with that, you have got a bottle holder where you can keep your bottle. Moreover, you can enjoy Your favorite movie or TV show while running with the mobile and tablet holder.

Maximum weight capacity

With an impressive weight capacity of 115kg, the treadmill is ideal for people with 95-100kg body weight.

LCD Screen

The 5.5” LCD monitors the smart run function and you can speed select the smart key. It also displays the time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and BMI function.

What we don’t like

  • Not a low-budget treadmill.

Conclusion –

The PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 treadmill is an easy-handling and compact machine. If overall counted, it’s a good product that can be yours in 35-40k. If you want to keep yourself fit and sporty even with small space, then the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 is a must-check product.

Along with the space-saving design, you will find various features and functions to help you make a better routine and health.

Everyone has unique goals, needs, and requirements. Thus if the feature of the PowerMax Fitness TDA 125 treadmill matches your expectations and budget, what to wait for? Buy the sporty goody now.

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