PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill Review 2022 By My Techie Talk

PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 Treadmill Review

Key Features –

  • 1.5HP DC Motor
  • 5.5″ LED Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned, and heart rate
  • Max User Weight: 90KG
  • Speed: 1.0 – 10 km/hr

No wonder motorized treadmills are in trend. Either it’s gym, office, or personal training, the PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill high in demand. With 1.0 CHP, the model ensures a smooth walk. You can check your workout modes like distance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt on the powerful LED display. Now, you don’t have to worry about gym sessions or your increasing fat. The space-saving, foldable, easy operating PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is going to make the task easy for you.

The super classy and elegant motorized treadmill is going to give you a thrilling workout experience. With this product, all you will get is a satisfactory result.

There are numerous eye-catching features that you will not love to miss. So, let’s check out what they are.

Before we move forward, Let’s have a quick look at the table-

Maximum user weight capacity90Kg
Motor1.5HP (peak of 2HP)
Running Surface43.3 inches x 15.75 inches
Speed Range1Km/hr – 10Km/hr
Cushioning on running belt6 ply multi-layer
Running belt5 anti-skid multi-layer belt
LED Screen5.5 inches
Pre-set programs3 targets based, 12 pre-set programs
FunctionalityDistance, calories, heart rate, speed, and time
Heart rate monitoringA heart rate sensor is attached to the handrails
Additional accessoriesMp3 speakers, tablet or mobile phone holder
Manual lock90-degree manual foldable lock
PortabilityWheels for swift movement
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Specifications of PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

With multiple pre-set features and a powerful motor, it is a highly affordable treadmill at a budget price. Let’s check the specifications of PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill in brief.

Noiseless, powerful, energy-saving motor

With a 99% surety of intense workout, the power 1.5 horsepower motor with a peak of 2 horsepower was developed by the University of Munich. The noise is controllable within 68dB. It simply gives a noise-free, intense and peaceful workout session.

Maximum Weight Capacity

With a maximum user weight capacity of 90Kg, the PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is an ideal choice for people of 70Kg-75Kg.

Six ply Running Deck

The large size running deck of 43.5inches x 15.75 inches ensures the user’s safety and secure running. The running deck is integrated with a 1.8mm anti-skid multi-layer belt that reduces the risk of shock. Plus, it is also helpful to reduce joint or knees issues.

Speed Range

Compare to other treadmills, the speed range of the PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is quite low. The treadmill is a particular choice for beginners or newbies with a speed range of 1Km/h – 10Km/h.

Pre-Set Programs and LED Screen

The users are benefitted from a 5.5” LED screen that monitors speed, distance travelled, time, calories burnt, pulse, time and incline. Along with all these, the 12 pre-set programs of the machine focus on the hard time workout.

Mobile or Tablet Holder

If you are a gadget freak, then there’s good news for them. In additional accessories of PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 1HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill, you will get a mobile or tablet holder, where you can keep your gadgets and enjoy a music, movie session during the workout.

Heart Rate sensor

Along with other features, the ideal feature this treadmill has got is a heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is attached to the handrails of the treadmill. You can effortlessly monitor your heart rate on the LED screen.

90-degree foldable manual lock

The space-saving and compact design make the treadmill an easy fit for your room.  You can easily fold it and store it in the closet.

Safety and auto-stop mechanism

Ensuring the safety of the user, the treadmill has an automatic stop mechanism. All you have to do is attach the safety clip with the clothes and run. The safety clip prevents accidental falls and drifting. Plus, the auto-stop function prevents major injuries.

Independent CPU

The dustproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof CPU of the treadmill ensures the best results.


The solid and durable treadmill is fabricated with a strong steel frame of 3 layers making sure for its extended life. Moreover, the iron alloy ensures the string, reliable and long life of the machine. The company gives a lifetime warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on the motor, and one year warranty on the other parts.


  • Reasonable and budget price
  • Mp3 inbuilt speakers
  • Smooth rollers for swift movement
  • An ideal choice for running and walking
  • Foldable and compact design
  • Solid and robust design
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • Speed range is quite low
  • Running belt width can be wide

Conclusion: Whether it is beneficial to buy PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 or not?

With a mix of multiple positives and few negatives, overall, the PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 treadmill is one of the ideal options in the budget range. From features to design and safety, it has won multiple hearts.

PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 treadmill is a perfect choice if you are a newbie and have a 70-75kg weight. Ideally, PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 is a good step one can take towards fitness and health.

For queries and comments, you can pin us in the comment box. We would be looking forward to your comments.

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