Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 Review 2022 by My Techie Talk

Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470

Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 Review

Key Specifications –

  • Motor- 2.5HP (Peak- 5HP)
  • Speed range- 0.8Km/h to 14Km/h
  • Running deck- 16 x 48 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity- 100 Kg
  • LCD Screen- 5 inches
  • Emergency button- Yes

While browsing for motorized treadmill and missing the Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 reviews is next to impossible. The T 470 is a mixture of high-performance 3.5 HP (peak – 5HP) and epic speed levels of 0.8km/h to 14km/h. With one HD LCD screen, you do your fitness monitoring along with enjoying workout sessions. Other zenith features of Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 are speed switch buttons, foldable design with locking system, and emergency button.

The Viva fitness treadmill is designed to satisfy every single need of the runner. Now your cardio workout needs not stop, and you can enjoy a full entertainment run along with other cardiovascular workouts. Moreover, with the powerful motor, no external stabilizer is needed. A peaceful and satisfactory product can be a part of your room.

What do we like


The Viva T470 treadmill is equipped with a high-quality, powerful 1.75Hp motor with a peak of 3.5HP capable of handling long runs and heavy workout zones.

Running track

The anti-ski, multilayer 16 x 48 inches running track of the treadmill gives a standard run. You will get enough room to run and walk in the round.

Speed range

The speed levels are impressive, starting with 0.8Km/h to 14km/h. Thus either newbies or pro athletes say hi to Viva fitness T470 motorized treadmill.

The foldable design and lock system

The easy folding and unfolding feature allow the treadmill to be space-saving. There’s no need to hush and rush about where to fit the treadmill, as, after use, you can easily put it aside and enjoy the open spacing.

Heart rate monitor

The Heart rate monitor on the handrails makes sure to result in you precise details.

Speed control buttons

The control of your speed is in your hands; you can intensify or de-intensify your speed with the speed control buttons on the handrails.

Emergency button

The emergency buttons make sure of the safety of the user. The emergency button plays a big role in saving the risks of injury during a workout.

LCD screen

The 5 inches large LCD window Programs: P1 ~ P9 Readout: speed, time, calories, distance & pulse.

Maximum weight capacity

With a high capacity to hold maximum weight up to 100kg, the Viva Fitness T470 treadmill is a premium fit for 80-85kg users.

Additional accessories

The inbuilt speaker makes sure to entertain you 24×7 with MP3 or your favourite show. Moreover, you can enjoy the cup holders fabricated in the treadmill. Altogether, these make the Viva fitness T470 a fully convenient and comfy treadmill.

What we don’t like

No incline feature- Inclination features make a huge difference in intensifying and making a workout session clubbable. The Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 lacks the incline feature.

Otherwise, it’s a full-loaded packet of features.

Final verdict

The Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 is a smart choice for everyone searching for the best treadmill under budget price. The treadmill comes equipped with handy and amusing features. If you want a more than average treadmill, then you need not pay a big-ticket price. All you need to check is whether the Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 fits in your list or not.

If the Viva Fitness T470 treadmill fits your expectations and budget, then what to wait for?  

Grab the deal of Viva fitness motorized treadmill T470 at a minimal price now.

Invest in something worth buying.

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